Indonesia’s Independence Day in New Normal

This truly is quite the independence day to remember, as we are celebrating under the pandemic, and we have to celebrate Indonesia’s Indepencence Day in new normal regulations. Every year, we usually wake up early, and attend the yearly iconic flag ceremony. Typically, we attend the ceremony at a residence, school, workplace, or even at […]

Martabak Manis Si Makanan Penutup Indonesia


Makanan penutup khas Indonesia ini pastinya sudah banyak yang tahu, Martabak Manis! Si manis yang bervariatif ini sangat dikenal bahkan sempat ada terjadi perebutan “hak milik” antara Malaysia dan Indonesia. Martabak manis memiliki nama asli yaitu Hok Lo Pan yang berasal dari Bangka Belitung. Martabak ini diciptakan oleh orang Hakka (Khek) dengan sebutan suku Hoklo. […]

Is Chocolate and Cheese Just an Indonesian Thing?

chocolate and cheese

The pairing of chocolate and cheese is quite unlikely for other countries, yet so popular across many Indonesia’s favorite desserts. Whether it’s martabak, bread, cookies, baked goods, and many more. But apparently, it’s not so much of a popular pairing outside Indonesia. Stephanie Dish, one of Indonesia’s famous TikTok celebrities posted a TikTok video that […]

Kue Klepon : Si Bulat Kecil nan Manis


Si kue bulat kecil nan manis ini menyenangkan sekali untuk dimakan dan dilihat! Melihat dan memakan klepon selalu sukses membuat saya bahagia, baik dari rasanya atau teksturnya. Ia sudah menjadi salah satu jajanan tradisional Indonesia yang sampai saat ini masih dapat ditemui dimana-mana. Klepon yang bentuknya bulat, kecil, berwarna hijau, dengan taburan kelapa sangat menarik. […]

Is Panna Cotta A Pudding?

Panna Cotta

You know that jiggly pudding-shaped dessert, usually served on a plate or in a jar? The texture does not really make it a pudding nor a custard. This creates a big confusion between pudding, custard, panna cotta, and sometimes mousse. Let’s find out! Pudding is quite the complicated dessert. According to the british definition, a […]

5 Meaningful Simple Gift Ideas For the Loved Ones

Gift Ideas

Giving gifts has been a tradition for us when there is an important date, celebration, or simply just because we love them. In fact, giving gifts has been one type of love language. For some people, receiving a gift or giving gifts is their way to show or recognize love. Gifts don’t mean an expensive […]

Behind the Timeless Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake

We all know this cake. Just by one look, and we can imagine the layers of chocolate-y indulgence in every bite. This is the world infamous Black Forest Cake that comes from Germany.   The Traditional Black Forest Cake We can see many variations of this cake now. But the traditional version has multiple layers […]

How to Celebrate Birthday In Quarantine

Quarantine Special Cake

Who here wants to celebrate a birthday, but social distancing won’t let you? Either it’s your own birthday, or you want to surprise your loved ones. Don’t worry! Let’s embrace this opportunity to throw the best and–most certainly–memorable birthday with your friends and family!   Make a Snazzy E-Invitation Remember the good old days where […]

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