Sweets and Mood Relationship

Sweets and Mood Relationship

Sweets and my mood are like a best friend. Sometimes they are inseparable, they can fight each other too, or even support each other. This connection is like magic, how desserts can change your mood and vice versa. Researcher Pilska M and Nestrowijcz J (Human Nutrition & Consumption) said that mood and emotions influence the eating of sweets and can improve our mood in the short-term. I usually eat sweets when I’m in a stressful situation or my anxiety is pretty high. I usually eat chocolate before any performance to make me calmer. Having sweets craving usually connected with bad conditions of mood state.

Researchers said that our emotional states determine our sweets craving too. If we are in a happy mood, our sweets craving will be different if we are in a sad mood. Here are some of the sweets that I eat and my state of mood relationship!

I eat Chocolate Chip Cookie or Light Cheesecake = Happy Mood!

The chocolate chip cookie has been my favorite since kids. It has a ‘home-y’ feeling and feels content and fulfilled. Chocolate chip cookie must be not too thick and crunchy enough and slightly melted chocolate chip is a good one. I love how it crumbles too and It is perfect with a glass of milk! Meanwhile, a light cheesecake-like Japanese one is a perfect cake when I’m in a good mood. It just perfects because it is not too much and just perfect. A perfect companion for my happy mood!

I eat Ice Cream = Sad 🙁 

I eat ice cream when I’m sad but it doesn’t mean every time I eat ice cream it means I’m in sad condition. Ice cream helps a lot when I’m sad though, the softness of it just melts my sadness away in the short term. Vanilla ice cream is my good to go when I’m sad and cookies and cream ice cream are the best ones when I’m super duper sad. It is a good companion when you are alone and spoon by spoon, it will melt your sadness little by little too.

I eat Chocolate Cake or Chocolate = Anxiety..

Anxiety and overthinking always come to me like a scheduled class, luckily it was years ago. I used to look for chocolate cake or chocolate almost all the time because it helps to calm me down for a while. Chocolate is a good way to calm you down and think clearly for a while. Just remember, chocolate is a short term solution for anxiety and overthinking. If you do experience this in the long term, try to solve it to the professionals rather than eating chocolate all the time 🙂

I eat Brownies or Dark Chocolate = Mental Breakdown 

Once I’ve ever sudden mental breakdown right before my turn to go on stage and my dance competition day. The mental breakdown is like a volcano that explodes in the worst timing ever. I remember I cried a lot and cannot stop it for weird reasons, then someone gives my dark chocolate to eat first. It was like a magic moment for me because I’m instantly calmer and can think clearly. It shocks me how eating sweets can change your mood instantly. I always search for brownies or dark chocolate when I start to feel the breakdown.

I eat Cakes = Excited!!

When I said I want to eat cakes, it means I’m excited about something or just generally excited! I usually search for light cakes for this mood, not too creamy for my taste. Seeing cakes make me excited because it reminds me of the celebrations from the sight and taste!

That’s my sweets and mood relationship! Eating certain sweets does affect my mood or vice versa. Just keep in your mind, this is my version, yours can be different. Share with us what’s yours 🙂


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