Types of Chocolate

Chocolate Types

Types of Chocolate

Chocolate has been almost everyone favorite. It can be sweet or bitter and hard or soft. Chocolate in my opinion really are great and interesting. It has a lot of variety to choose for the texture, the sweetness, and the flavor. Different types of chocolate can give you a different experience too! So here are some types of chocolate:

Milk Chocolate

This chocolate is really common, it is a solid chocolate made with milk and chocolate. The milk itself can be in the form of powdered, liquid, or condensed. I can see this milk chocolate as a fun and extrovert type because how great this kind of chocolate can be paired with almost everything. Then the sweetness is just perfect and not too much. It’s like that extrovert person that everyone loves.

Dark Chocolate

I always think Dark Chocolate is the pure chocolate types. Dark chocolate known as “plain chocolate” because it produced just using a higher percentage cocoa without any addition. It is pure chocolate without another ingredient added. Dark chocolate usually used as diet plan, an instant energy boost, or used in cooking. I’ve ever ate 99% dark chocolate, and it was really bitter so be careful with the percentage! 99% dark chocolate is good if you used it for cooking though!

White Chocolate

This is the elegant chocolate for me! White chocolate reminds me of white horse that is really elegant and rich. White chocolate is made of sugar, milk, and cocoa butter without cocoa solids. I used to think that white chocolate is for someone rich or with a high status. I’m imagining there is a chocolate hierarchy, which is not true! I always feel more elegant after eat White Chocolate, how’s yours?

Ruby Chocolate

This is a brand new types of chocolate! It was found in 2017 by Belgian chocolate maker, Barry Callebaut. The color is from a special cacao types, it is the Ruby cacao bean that grown in Ecuador, Brazil, and Ivory Coast. The taste of Ruby Chocolate is an intense fruitiness and a bit fresh sour taste. It is like a little sister in this types of chocolate series, it’s fresh and new. (If you want to taste this chocolate, we have Ruby Fromage that contain Ruby Chocolate!)

These are some of types of chocolate! It’s fun how we get to know chocolate more by giving them a specific character! Which types of chocolate that you like the most or suits with your character too?

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