Boost Happiness by These Steps

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Let’s start to focus on our happiness, there are ways to do so!


It is not about being all smiley, upbeat, like those movie montages you often see at all times. It can actually be a trait.


Being Real about Happiness

Which leads to the first step, which is being real about happiness. It is important to know that happiness can be cultivated. Being happy can actually help us go through life’s challenges or hard times. 

What habits make us happy?

Psychologists find that there are some small things that can make an impact on the happiness of yours or your loved ones. Try to practice writing down the 3 things you are grateful for every day, go on a hike or a stroll on a clear day/night, drink a decent amount of coffee, meditate, or simply do the things that make you happy (and try even when you are not really at the happy state).


You can try to observe your experiences. Either if it’s the past, or the present. After that, reaching the acceptance stage towards you and your experiences. It is about allowing your experiences to be as they are, and to respond to it with positivity. 

Allowing ourselves to open up

Try to understand what we’re feeling first, process it at your own pace. When you are ready (don’t be afraid!) we can try to phrase it and tell someone about some things. That way, some weight can be lifted up from your chest!


Sharing or showing compassion has an impact on not just your happiness, but to others. It is a positive and contagious action to do. Try smiling at the people you meet, give your loved ones some love, help someone, and many more small things that you can do to brighten up not just your day, but someone else’s too!

Let’s start living a more mindful and happier life.

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