Layers of #ThePurestLove: Amalfi Lemon

A loving Mother deserves the best dessert to brighten her day! This month, we welcome a new member of the DORÉ Lite series, Amalfi Lemon. It is our special cake for amazing Mothers out there, with low sugar content, making it a guilt-free indulgence to treat yourself to. In this article, let’s explore the luscious layers of Amalfi Lemon!

Original Sponge Cake
The foundation of Amalfi Lemon cake is Original Sponge Cake, offering a classic and timeless flavour. Moist, soft, and spongy, it embodies a perfect texture. Crafted using only the finest ingredients, it is less in sugar but still tasteful!

Biscuit Crumbs
Above the sponge cake, a layer full of surprises awaits! Milky biscuit crumbs intertwine with chewy, tangy candied citrus. This layer adds a symphony of textures to the cake and enhances the indulgent experience, beautifully complementing the softness of the sponge cake!

Chantilly Cream
Once every layer is perfectly assembled, it is time to add chantilly cream! Subtly sweetened, this cream has a mildly sweet flavour profile. Each swirl of chantilly cream adds a heavenly smooth texture and crowns the cake to perfection!

Lemon Curd
The highlight of this cake: Lemon Curd! Sour, fresh, and zesty lemon curd that elevates this cake to a whole new level. It offers a refreshing tang that rejuvenates your taste buds with a sophisticated citrus essence and fragrance.

Edible Flowers
Amalfi Lemon is a beautiful cake for beautiful Mothers. The final touch for this exceptional dessert is edible flowers, a heartfelt tribute to our beloved Mothers. Each petal enriches every aspect in between with its beauty!

Amalfi Lemon is still available for you to order for your Mothers or your Loved Ones! Click here to make an online purchase, or visit the nearest DORÉ by LeTAO stores to get this delightful cake.

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