4 reasons why YOU should be eating more cake

DORÉ Medley

Has it ever occurred to you that there are actual health benefits of eating cake? We all know how bad it is to enjoy our sweet delicacies, but have we ever stopped to consider its benefits? Without further ado, let’s dive into the 4 main reasons we should be able to indulge in our guilty pleasures.

It is a great source of energy

This luscious, delicate, and exquisite dessert is often vilified. However, little do people know that this devilish snack is also a great source of energy. Ever feel tired after a long day of work? Most cakes are made from milk, eggs, and flour – all of which contain plenty of carbohydrates to give you an extra boost throughout the day.


Original Fromage – Cheesecake



Conditions muscles and builds strength

In addition to being a stable source of energy for the body, these savoury delights also promote muscle growth while strengthening the body. The eggs and milk used to make the cake are an excellent source of protein and calcium, which helps with muscle recovery and growth, as well as the strengthening of bones and teeth.

Improves cognitive functions

Research shows that the consistent consumption of cocoa does in fact improve several brain functions in young adults and aging populations. This highlights the crucial role chocolate cakes play in treating injuries such as brain inflammation and memory loss.


chocolate cakes



Helps with weight loss

While seemingly hard to believe, the results of a study concluded that people who eat cake occasionally while on diets tended to stick with their dietary plans long term. Furthermore, eating occasional cheat meals would not always result in an increased body weight granted that a person maintains a calorie deficit.

This calorie deficit would lead to a slowdown of leptin production in the body, causing metabolic slowdown and eventual weight loss. Lastly, research also indicates that those who associated eating cake with celebration instead of guilt ended up losing more weight. This means that the people who ate in celebration of having been committed to a diet lost more weight than those who ate, feeling guilty that they ate on a diet.


Traditional Carrot Cake Origin



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