A Time for Reunion

A Time for Reunion

The Mid-Autumn Festival is China’s second most important public holiday. It marks a time of unity among many families and is a time for reunion among family members. This tradition began when a Chinese archer presented offerings for his wife as a sign of longingness.

This year, The Mid-Autumn Festival is being hosted at a time when feelings of loneliness are at their peak. Two long years of the Coronavirus have left everyone isolated while following social distancing protocols. This year’s festival is the first occasion where families can safely be reunited again as the Coronavirus subsides.

The Beginning of In-Person gatherings

These past two years, social interactions have been confined to online meetings and limited in-person meetings. With the coming Mid-Autumn Festival, people are finally excited to have their first in-person reunion as a group. The streets will be decorated with bright, lustrous lanterns, music and dances will be in full force, and all kinds of games and festivities will flood the streets.

Food, Games, and Festivities

Foods such as mooncakes, wine, and various fruits and traditional snacks will be available for snacking, as bright yellow dragons dance throughout the night accompanied by the beating of drums. This festival is meant to lift the spirits of those participating, to bring about feelings of joy and belonging after years of suppression.

The Importance of The Mid-Autumn Festival Throughout History

This festival is so highly regarded that its traditions have been passed down for centuries. The Mid-Autumn Festival is part of China’s first batch of intangible cultural heritage, having originated from the Tang Dynasty and flourished in the Song Dynasty. The festival was also once considered Valentine’s Day in China, indicative that it has always been a treasured occasion in China and other Asian countries.

This marks the beginning of family gatherings and the start of more frequent in-person gatherings.

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