Dog Friendly Desserts


Interesting fact: My dog loves cakes and desserts more than me. My dog’s magic word is ‘kue pie’ (egg tart) to get his attention. He likes it so much! Besides that, he loves cheese and cakes too. Always giving us his best puppy eyes to give him some. At first, I’m confused and worried if that’s good for him or not. I’m sure all of the dog owners have this phase of life, so let me give you which one is good and bad desserts for your little friend!


It’s common knowledge for a dog owner, never give your dog chocolate! It may be delicious for us, but it’s toxic for them. Please you need to be strong when your dog gives you their best puppy eyes, never give them that. It’s not just chocolate, they can’t have grapes, raisins, and anything with caffeine (this is just for the sweet category, you need to research more the other food)

Peanut Butter is FRIENDLY

It’s a good treat and dessert for your dog. Any desserts that contain peanut butter is friendly for them! Just make sure there is no chocolate or raisins in it. It’s a good source of protein and it’s delicious too! Make sure it’s raw, unslated, and NO artificial sweeteners on it.

Cheese is Good with MODERATION

My dog loves cheese so much! I know it is safe for him but recently found out that it can be bad if you give them too much of it. Moderation is the key because cheese is high-fat content. So if it’s too much, your dog can get obese. Another thing, you need to know first is whether your dog is lactose intolerant or not. Check it first to make sure it is safe for your furry loved ones.

Fruits are Good to Go!

Every fruit is good for dogs, except for grapes and raisins! It provides natural vitamins and sweetness for the human body and dogs too. What you need to do is make sure it’s okay for your dog by giving them a little first to see their reaction.


It is okay to give your dog a little of your cakes and desserts just make sure the ingredients are safe for them. Besides that, don’t give them too much! Moderation is the key so your dog keeps healthy and happy too! I know sometimes we just can’t resist their puppy eyes when they want some from our food, but we need to remember for the sake of their safety and happiness too. Moderation is the key and giving a little our cakes and desserts to our furry loved ones is okay as long as it safe for them <3

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