7 Steps to Celebrate Office Birthdays in New Normal

How are we supposed to celebrate our colleagues’ birthday in the office, but Jakarta is still under the New Normal regulations?


As we all know, Indonesia is under the New Normal (PSBB) regulations due to the global pandemic. Some of us are already back to going to the office every weekday. We may have been celebrating birthdays through video call, or even through Whatsapp group chats only. But birthdays should be festive and happy! 


So, here’s a guide to celebrating birthdays in the office, but make it a new normal edition.


Step 1: Remember the birthday, duh!

This pandemic may lead us to forgetting little things. One of them is people’s birthdays. New Normal should not stop us from being happy! So, it would be really cool of you to remember and take notes on people’s birthdays! 


Step 2: Know Their New Normal Schedule

Some offices have shifts now to avoid a packed office and to stop the spread of the virus. So, we should know if it’s their turn at the office, or they are working from home!


Step 3: Find Out Their Favorite Things

Maybe from their closest desk mates, social media, or even ask them! Dig in on what really makes them happy. Or maybe, find out about the things they have been trying to get. This way, we can have something to work on to surprise them!


Step 4: Get Some Sweets!

You know the phrase. A party without a cake is just a meeting! And you don’t want it to be like those meetings, right? So get a cake, a cupcake, a pudding, or anything they would like, and what the office would share. There are so many delicious cakes in Jakarta that you can get, that is still under New Normal health protocols! P.S. Don’t forget the candles!


Step 5: Notice the Other Colleagues

To make it an amazing surprise, you would need more people. Tell them about his/her birthday and the plan! The more the merrier, they say. Also, you can get a gift for the birthday girl/boy that might be a little expensive, but way cheaper and meaningful if the item is bought together as a team. Talk about teamwork, am I right?


Step 6: Plan the Surprise.

This is it. The focal point. Find out who to bring/lead the surprise, and sing them happy birthday and bring them the cake in the most unexpected and entertaining way! Make it at lunch time, or maybe even just when they arrive at the office. Make sure you are tuned with the New Normal shifts in the office too. There are so many ways to do it!


Step 7: Enjoy.

This is the perfect time to enjoy the birthday. Talk about everything but work. Eat the sweets. Laugh about that new show or trending tweet. Have a good time together before you have to go back to hustling.


Don’t forget to have fun!

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