Tips on Baking Dessert with Your Kids

Dore By Letao

At this time when your kids are at home for many hours, sometimes it can be boring and makes them crazy! Especially with a holiday that means no school. As parents, you want to engage them in a fun and educated activity that can do together. Baking is one of the best activities that you can do with your kids. Baking dessert with kids taught kids how to work together, be precise, following order or recipes, and creativity! Besides that, dessert can change someone’s mood. So here some Tips on Baking Dessert with Your Kids.

First thing is to be ready for the Messines.

Kids are still learning, so make sure it’s okay to be messy a little bit for their learning process and it’s kinda fun too! You can give kids assignments to measure the ingredients because it’s safe enough for them and they can feel different textures. Measuring is educating kids and getting fun with different textures of ingredients. Or if you have older kids, you can start teaching them to mix the ingredients.

The second thing you need to make sure the recipes are kid-friendly.

You don’t want to make them work hard with the process but they cannot eat it eventually. Make sure dessert recipes that you choose are kid-friendly and maybe contain their favorite ingredients, for example, chocolate. Setting goals for kids is really important for their learning. If you want my opinion of dessert that every kid will like is Ice Cream Cake!

The third thing is to encourage creativity in your kids! 

You can let them decorate the cake or desserts. My first time baking a cookie, I made a heart shape even though it got messed up after the baking process! Hahaha. But the most important thing is to let them be creative and it’s okay if it fails, that way they learn something new and they will want to try again!

The last thing is BE PATIENT! 

Remember you are dealing with kids that are learning not a pro. They will make mistakes, ask a lot of questions, and even they can give you any kind of surprise. When your kid asks a lot of questions, be patient to answer, and explain it. If they are making mistakes, don’t scold them! You need to start communicating about cause and effect. The point is BE PATIENT!

Remember that you spend some of your time to be with your kids, make it memorable. It will be a precious moment for them to have experience of baking dessert together with their parents. The most important thing is good quality time if it turns out it’s not that delicious, at least you will have a great and unforgettable moment with them 🙂

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