Kartini’s Day, Women Can Beat The Impossible

Kartini’s Day

Happy Kartini’s Day to all Indonesian women!

Every April 21, Indonesian citizens celebrate Kartini’s Day to commemorate the spirit of women’s empowerment, education, and emancipation. 

A pioneer in the emancipation of Indonesian Women

R. A. Kartini is a national hero and a pioneer in the emancipation of Indonesian women. She fights for women’s right to be educated in her letters “Through Darkness into light” or “Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang”. Because she realized that the best way to initiate emancipation was through education. As a result, we can see now that many Indonesian women have become leaders in big companies, scientists, athletes, engineers, and more.

But we’re still struggling in terms of gender equality, and that’s why we have to work hand in hand to make things possible for women in Indonesia and around the world.

Things you can do to celebrate Kartini’s Day

Usually, during Kartini’s Day, Indonesian women wear traditional costumes like “kebaya,” while men wear “batik”. You can also encourage your children to join an online campaign, drawing contests, kid’s fashion shows, make-up competitions, and many more. 

While at school, teacher often plays a documentary movie about Kartini and gives additional information about Kartini that inspires women and girls of Indonesia to achieve gender equality and dream big.

The perfect treat that connects us together

Back in March, DORÉ presented to you Caramel Macchiato cake! A cake that connects different tastes into one flavorful delight. The perfect combination of sweet and salty from the caramel sauce and bitterness from creamy caramel macchiato and chocolate genoise.

This cake encourages women to unite and forge a stronger connection to achieve greater things even though they are different.

“Women are confident, strong, and courageous. Together they can beat the impossible!”

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