Poinsettias: The Unforgetable Christmas Flower

Poinsettias: The Unforgetable Christmas Flower

Christmas vibes are in the air! you might see a big red bright flower that always represents Christmas. Yes, it’s Poinsettias, the festive decoration during winter. It’s the most popular flower or plant in the Christmas season. There is no Christmas without this flower, it’s the most best-selling plant and ornament in this season. But do you know why this plant is the official Christmas flower? How did it become associate with Christmas?

Interesting facts

The story originated from an old Mexican legend. There’s a young girl named Pepita who was sad because she can’t bring a Christmas gift to baby Jesus on Christmas Eve. Her cousin comfort and told her that any gift will do, even the small one. So little Pepita walked around the church and picked a bouquet of weeds. The other version of this legend says that an Angle came to her and instructed her to pick those plants. When she got there, she left the weeds at the bottom, and suddenly the weeds transformed into a beautiful red bright flower. Since then, the flower known as Flores de Noche Buena means Flowers of the Holy Night.

National Day of Celebration

Poinsettias are popularized by Mr. Joel Robert Poinsett. He was the first United States ambassador to Mexico. In the 1800s, Joel walked around the road in Mexico and he found this beautiful plant. He really loves and enjoyed it so he brought it and he went home to South Carolina and propagated it. There are many different colors of Poinsettias, but the main flower was inside the bract. These bracts are often mistaken as the petal because of their colorful part.
To honor and commemorate the attempt of Mr. Joel Robert Poinsett as an ambassador, there is a national day celebration of this plant on December 12th. It’s because December 12th is the death of Mr. Joel Robert Poinsett.


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