Christmas in Japan

Christmas in Japan

Hi there, it’s been a while. How do you do? I hope you are all well, healthy and safe.
Christmas is near, how do you celebrate it?
Japan is the most popular country of their culture.
This is the experience of Christmas story at the Yokohama that you will never forget!

A long time ago when I was in Japan, there was a Christmas festival in Yokohama Brick Warehouse. Everyone went to the event to see the huge Christmas tree. The lines are so tight, you can barely move from side to side. It was really packed. The Christmas tree is huge. They say if the couple rings the bell and prays for their wish, it will come true. Unfortunately I can’t do that because I don’t have a partner with me. But I really enjoy the lake breeze and the warmth with everyone around the world.

It was a long journey from Maebashi, Gunma to Tokyo and going to Yokohama. In total it takes 3 hours by using the JR Lines, but taking the Shinkansen is only 2 hours. I didn’t buy food from the festival because it was so busy and within 2 hours of the event starting, almost half of the shops had sold out! Luckily I’ve enjoyed the food in China Town, it’s really good!

In every corner, you will see a bunch of Christmas trees and ornaments. It’s really cold, around -3°C, but it’s worth it!

All the food and drinks they offer are chicken, turkey, pork, beer and cakes. You can even buy some delicious cakes at any konbini (convenience store). Sometimes if I miss Japan I’ll order a freshly baked cookies. Eating cookies and sweets is truly a nostalgic moment. They also love to sharing omiyage, a souvenir in Japan. Sharing is truly wonderful and beautiful tradition. Have you prepared for Christmas? Don’t forget to share your wonderful story to your beloved ones through sweets!

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