The Genuine Delight of Japanese Roll Cake

Japanese Roll Cake

Japan has many variations of sweets and cake products, and the most popular one is the Japanese Roll Cake. Japanese Roll Cake (日本のロールケーキ; Nihon no Roru Keki) is a rolled-up soft chiffon cake filled with some light and airy whipped cream. They said this cake is so Fuwa Fuwa or fluffy in Japanese. They like to eat roll cakes because of their fluffy and moist texture. Their freshly made cream will melt in your mouth and it’s almost like eating a cloud!

In my experience of working with Japanese people, they really like eating sweets and dessert. They even eat a slice of cake after finishing their meal or during snack time. Eating a slice of it with a cup of hot tea will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Japan has a lot of shops specializing in sweets. You will often see it being sold in cake shops, omiyage (souvenirs) shops, and even in convenience stores (コンビニ; konbini) such as Seven Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart, and Ministop. There are several variations of this cake such as Cheese Cake, Chocolate, Matcha, Banana, Strawberry, and many more! Some animation companies often have special collaborations with the stores and sell seasonal cakes (spring, summer, fall, and winter) in limited stocks. It absolutely cute design and tempting to eat. But don’t worry! You can get the exact same taste of Japanese Roll Cake in Dore by LeTao’s Hokkaido Roll Cake in Indonesia!

Japanese Roll Cake tends to have more light and subtle flavors, smaller portion size, calm colors, and less sugar compared to Swiss Roll Cake. No matter what happens, you will always find your own reasons to fall in love with this cake!

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