Strawberry Shortcake: Layers of Happiness

Strawberry Shortcake: Layers of Happiness

Strawberries are widely known because of their characteristic aroma, shiny red color, juicy texture, and taste of sweetness with a slight sourness. I’m the type of person who loves strawberries especially strawberry milk, strawberry sandwich, and the berry must have one is Strawberry Shortcake!

Based on my experience while working in Japan, Strawberry Shortcake is the most popular western-style cake for Japanese people. They eat it all the time for Christmas, birthdays and any other special occasions. You can never go wrong with buying one of them!

Strawberry shortcakes are made with two layers of fluffy sponge cake filled with delicious fresh strawberry slices and whipped cream. It almost looks like a strawberry sandwich covered with vanilla whipped cream and topped with strawberry jelly.

I love strawberry shortcake and I eat it almost every time whenever I finished my work. Eating just one slice can really satisfy my sweet craving for fruit-based cakes. It’s a cake that always sells well in any kind of cake shops. The strawberry gives some tartness while the whipped cream has a delightful sweetness that matches with the fluffiness of the sponge cake, which creates a perfect balance every time you eat it. A perfect combination of sweet and sour!

I once made strawberry shortcakes when I attended a cake decoration class in Japan. It may look easy at first but it’s actually hard to decorate properly. When spring comes, I used to eat a strawberry sandwich while drinking my favorite tea. I also remembered we ate and shared one large Strawberry Shortcake at my friend’s birthday. Not to mention we also ate a large and really delicious Strawberry Shortcake at the Christmas party. I couldn’t forget the pleasing moments when we ate it together. Cakes can really hold such sweet memories.

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