What Should You Do When You Receive Gifts?

Receive Gifts

This is for you who are clueless about how to react after you get/receive gifts! Especially if the gift is not for a special day. For example, your birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc. Some of us may get used to receiving gifts, but not for others. It can be because you are not used to getting gifts or rewarded when you were little.

Do not worry, you are not alone! This article will not just be talking about gift etiquette, but I will share my personal experience with it! I myself am really awkward about receiving gifts years ago (honestly it still sometimes up until now). But hopefully, this can help you to understand or even be less awkward in receiving gifts!

Someone Giving You Gifts Because They Are Sincere

Realizing this thing may be hard for us or someone who believes there must be something behind it. It takes a long time for me to realize it too, but honestly, people give you gifts because they are sincere and care about you! It makes them happy to give you gifts and you should be Happy receiving them too.

There is No Obligation To Giving Back

Once you receive the gifts, you should put in your mind that there are no obligations to do the same! If you feel pressure to receive it or to give back, there’s no need! Remember the previous point, they give it to you because they are sincere about it and have no expectation of getting something back! But if you don’t feel any pressure to give back, then do it. As long as you are sincere and put some thought into it.

Giving Gifts is One Way to Show Their Love

Put in your mind, it can be their way of showing how much they are care and love of you. By not receiving, it may break their heart. So understand that not everyone is like us! 

Say “Thank You” Sincerely

The first thing you should say is to say “Thank You” sincerely. It can be “Thank you” or similar words, whatever you feel you can say sincerely. It can be “I appreciate it!” or even anything. Because people can sense sincerity and they will be happy with that too! 

Send a Picture of The Gifts and Share it To Them

As I always get gifts regularly from my student, sometimes there is no time to say thank you. Sometimes they send it to your home, take a picture of it then send the pics through personal chat and say something personal to them! Trust me, this will be a game-changer in you how in receiving gifts.

Lastly, Don’t Be Burdened by It

This one may be hard for some of us, but don’t be burdened by it! We may feel we don’t deserve the gift, but it’s not about that. Like I said before, they give you a gift because they want to, no matter if you deserve it or not. So, chill a bit and show your gratitude sincerely ?


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