Which Jakarta’s Authentic Dessert Are You?

Did you know that Jakarta’s authentic cuisine resembles your character?  Find out which dessert you are!


Roti Buaya

The infamous Roti Buaya is truly an iconic Betawinese dish. The soft and sweet crocodile-shaped bread is well known to be a gift from the groom at a traditional Betawi wedding ceremony for the bride. Along the way, this dessert has evolved from plain to a variety of fillings. You can now purchase Roti Buaya at local stores around Jakarta as a gift, or basically anytime you want! You don’t have to wait for a wedding to munch this delicious bread.

Roti Buaya is usually presented as a gift to the bride, as it is a metaphor of loyalty to your partner. If you’re someone who’s romantic, devoted, and loyal, you definitely resemble this Jakarta’s authentic dessert, Roti Buaya!


Kue Rangi

After Roti Buaya, we have Kue Rangi! It is a cake-snack that has a sweet or so called ‘legit’. Rice flour and starch, combined with some sprinkles of coconut truly creates the savory Kue Rangi we know. To top it off, a sweet brown sugar adds as the best sweet topping you could ever think of for this dish. You should serve Kue Rangi while it is warm, and this simple dish will always brighten your day. A call for you simple peeps, you definitely are a Kue Rangi!


Dodol Betawi

This sticky, exotic, yet soft dish is such a dessert snack to wait for special occasions. Not to mention that Dodol Betawi is made out of white/black sticky rice. This is a great companion for your afternoon tea or when talking with your friends and family. It’s such a great conversation starter, just like you, The Friendly One!


Kue Pancong

After Dodol Betawi, we have Kue Pancong! This is the infamous half-circle shaped dessert made out of rice flour, coconut milk, and especially coconut. This is such a reliable snack, available at all times to accompany your meetings/gatherings, and could never get wrong. Just like you, The Reliable One!


Kue Kembang Goyang

This cake is quite different from the rest (like those of you who dare to be different!). As its texture is so crunchy, and it shapes like a flower. Glutinous rice flour, vanilla, and ginger juice, and sugar constructs the sweet and iconic texture of Kue Kembang Goyang! This dessert is a great snack for gatherings or for big celebrations like weddings, eid al-fitr, and many more. 


Kue Ape

This is the iconic Kue Ape, the everlasting crisp and crunch with its sweetness, perfect for snacking. Made out of milk, you can get this dessert almost anywhere around Jakarta, at a purchasable price! Most importantly, this cake is well known for its sweetness and tenderness. Therefore, this resembles those of you who are so loving and sensitive!

Selendang Mayang

This is the perfect bowl to dig in on those hot days in Jakarta. Colorful jellies, Kue Talam, sweet syrup, palm sugar, and coconut milk fills this dessert! Additionally, it’s very refreshing and exotic, which obviously describes you as The Exotic One.



Who here has not tried this authentic and unique Betawi dessert? Ongol-Ongol is an underrated type of dessert if compared to other desserts that we are familiar with. The texture is so squiggly like a jelly, and super delicious if eaten with sprinkles of coconut! This cake made out of sago flour and sugar. Are you a reserved person? Well, that makes you a very likely resemblance of an Ongol-ongol!


So, which Jakarta’s authentic dessert(s) do you think you resemble?


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