New Normal, New Way of Celebration

New way Celebration by Dore By Letao

Ready for the New Normal situation? It may be easy for some people but it can be hard. There is no turning back from our normal before, from now on until a long time later we will have the new ‘normal’. One thing that changes early is our way of celebrating things! Here’s some guidance for all of us to prepare to face our new way of celebration…

An Intimate Celebration

Some of us will have no problem with this, including me! I always love an intimate celebration because you can fully interact with all of the guests. It may be hard for someone who has a big social circle but don’t worry about it. You can have a real celebration with your family and close friends, then you can do the virtual celebration too with more guests. Remember you need to restrict your guest number, but you can still have a big celebration virtually. It can be an intimate and grand celebration too.

Provide Place to Wash Hand

This is really important! Remember the virus is still there, we need to keep our hands clean and no handshake! Keep your hands clean and don’t touch things too much. A celebration is supposed to be a happy thing, don’t make it a dangerous place. Remember safety is always important!

Accept this Condition, New Normal

The faster you accept it, the happier you will be. This New Normal means new habits too and no turning back to the past. We need to move on. It’s not all that bad though, being quarantined makes me think and reflect a lot about my life, myself, and my plan. It makes a lot of things clearer and you know more about what you want to do and your staff. Accepting is a hard first step, but when you pass it, everything will be fine and even better 🙂


A great celebration is not from how many guests there are or how grand it is, it’s about your happiness. If you want to celebrate it by yourself, you can do it! If you want to share happiness with others, it’s great! Just remember, in this new way of celebration, be safe and prioritize what you want for your celebration. 


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