18 Things to Do for Quarantine 2.0

Quarantine Trends

My hope for a better month for this September is a bit crushed. As Jakarta Governor announced another Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) policy amid the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Jakarta. Another stay at home and work from home again for at least 2 weeks. It’s Jakarta’s quarantine 2.0 now! Please stay at home and keep safe so we can flatten the curve.

Just remember, staying at home doesn’t mean you are on holiday. You still have school and work to do! The first quarantine made me realize that we really need to have good time management while WFH and School from Home. Remaining inside may be stressful for some people. Can be boredom, craziness, loneliness, even depression. We’ve been through it, and I know we can go through it again this time.

So what things that you can do while quarantine 2.0? Let me list you some activities you can do 🙂

Hobbies Section

  1. Try Puzzle! It can be a Jigsaw Puzzle, Crossword Puzzle, or even Rubik’s Cube.
  2. Journaling or start making your own blog. You can write anything! Who knows that maybe writing will be your next hobby.
  3. Learn those music instruments that you are dying to learn! Perfect time to do it.
  4. Painting with the number. It’s popular lately and I’m obsessed with it too! Relaxing and you have a new home decoration instantly.
  5. Write poetry. Channel your emotional distress or even happiness to an art form.
  6. Try Dance Workout. I’ve been doing it lately and it is fun and you do those workouts too! If you are bored with the usual workout routine, try this dance workout 🙂
  7. Play and read the rules to those long and intense Board Games you’ve never played! If reading the rules just too much, you can watch it through Youtube or short Blog about it too.
  8. Learn how to knit or crochet. It can be your early preparation for the old day!
  9. Learn how to regrow fruits and vegetables! Practical and you learn how to garden.
  10. Interview your grandparents or another family member through the phone and save the audio. And try to make an audiobook from there or a book!

Have Fun Section (it can be as your reward of the week or day)

  1. Face mask, moisturizer, bubble bath (if you have a bathtub), or create your own spa day!
  2. Put on a soap opera or a theater. Mute the sound then create your own dialogue! You need to try this activity, it’s so much fun!
  3. Take out all of your Tupperware and container, then organize it and actually match lids to the right containers.
  4. Make your own fashion show at home, trying to mix match clothes that you never tried before! Then determine whether they “spark the joy” or not á la Marie Kondo.
  5. Make camp indoors with blankets, sofa, and pillow. Then put some scary movies and make some popcorn too or marshmallow.
  6. Have your own wine tasting or whatever drinking in your refrigerator then make your own story. Pretend like you are the expert of it.
  7. Try moving in super-slow motion, it’s okay to laugh normally though hahaha
  8. Pretend you are a fortune-teller, write your prediction and post it in your refrigerator. If it happens, eat your favorite cakes!

There are still many things you can do, but here’s my list for you. All of this activity is for fun when you have too much to do with your work, this will be perfect to let go for a while. Stay safe and Stay at Home everyone 🙂

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