50 Things You Can be Thankful For in Life

Thankful For in Life

If I say 50, you probably feel that is so much number! But honestly, it’s all about context. For example, 50 cents sounds so little, but 50 balls of yarn is a lot. Same thing for something that we can be Thankful for in life. It’s about perspective. As cheesy as it sounds, apparently we can be thankful for something so simple! And it gives you a lot of joy and peacefulness.

As we are approaching Thanksgiving Day, let’s be more aware of 50 things that we can be thankful for in life. And it’s something you can do and realize it every day!

I am so Thankful for…

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Good health
  4. Place to Stay
  5. Works
  6. Hobbies
  7. Fresh air
  8. Education
  9. Your Pets
  10. Transportation
  11. Clean Water
  13. Holidays
  14. Technology (definitely make things easier now! Thank you!!!)
  15. Giving Gifts
  16. Receiving Gifts
  17. Good Food
  18. Good Desserts
  19. Food Delivery Services (YESSS!)
  20. Happy Hours
  21. Waking up before your Alarms
  22. The ability to Google everything (so thankful for this)
  23. The 5 seconds rule 😂
  24. Cats or Dogs videos
  25. AutoSave
  26. Dad Jokes!
  27. Inside Jokes
  28. Thank you notes
  29. Freedom to choose
  30. The smell of freshly baked Cookies ❤️
  31. Emojis
  32. Old photographs
  33. Hearing your parents’ story
  34. Your favorite Clothes
  35. Successfully cook!
  36. Challenges
  37. NAPTIME!
  38. The ability to Forgiving someone
  39. Deep conversation (always ❤️)
  40. Your favorite memories
  41. The ability to remember things or moments
  42. Blowing bubbles
  43. Walking around with good music
  44. Good tea or coffee
  45. Hug someone
  46. A clean Place
  47. Getting a compliment
  48. Love 🥰
  49. The pain that you get
  50. Still breathing 😊

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