End of the Year 2021: What Things Are You Blessed For?

End of the Year 2021

December, the twelfth month out of twelfth, is the ending of our year. Sometimes we got scared when we heard the word “last” or “ending”. There’s a relief feeling but we all know it means we already come so far. It’s a perfect time to take a pause and see what’s we’ve come so far, like in the movie. We want to take you down on your memory lane of this year, especially what things you are Blessed for this year.

It’s hard to start it, so I will give what’s mine, so you will have an easy start to count your blessings 🙂 Hope this will help you!

I’m blessed for My Family

Even though my family is not the best, but I am blessed for them. Despite all the drama, disagreement, and lack of showing affection, family is the first place that teaches me so many things. This year, I learned a lot from my family, whether it’s good or bad. I’m blessed for it, it makes me a better and stronger person.

I’m blessed for My Friends

It’s not an easy year for me, but friends always be there when I’m in a bad situation and good! Even though sometimes I do have clashes with my friends, just you know that I’m blessed having you. Maybe there’s time I show annoyance to you, just keep in mind, it’s not always about you. It can be I’m just too tired to tell it. It’s a blessing to have a friend like you ❤️

I’m blessed for My Hardships

So many things happen this year including my hardships and disappointment. Whether it’s because of situations or my mistakes, I’m still blessed for it. Like my mother said “You cannot buy experience” and she’s right. I learn so much this year and hardships make me stronger with lessons. 

I’m blessed for New Experiences

As I just graduated last year, this year brings so many new experiences! Decisions that I make may not be the same years ago, but no regrets, and I’m truly blessed by it. It’s opening my mind a lot on life.

I’m blessed for the Risks that I Take

Risks always sound scary or bad. As I’m an adult now, I start taking some risks this year! Even though my father is against it, but I’m blessed for the risks that I take. Same again, it makes me learn so much about life and believe it or not make me aware of my blessings more too. So, thank you to that and my father who is worried about it but I’m fine 😊

I’m blessed for My Relationship

Even though it’s not an easy road, but I’m blessed for you. I’m blessed I met you back then up until now. It’s truly a blessing for me, I hope it goes the same for you too. You bring out the best of me and make me a stronger person that I like. So, thank you a lot ❤️

As much as I like to write more, but I’m afraid it will bore you out or be irrelevant to you. So here are some of my blessings this year, hope it inspire you to be blessed more. Let’s take a pause and reminiscence your blessings, and close the year with a beautiful heart 🥰


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