Beautiful Meaning of Birthday Cake

Beautiful Meaning of Birthday Cake

A birthday celebration has been one of the most important celebrations in your life. It is a special day to celebrate your born date! We are sure every kid finds that Birthday is their special day because they can have a little party. Gather with their friends and family makes them happy.

One thing that always in every Birthday Party or Birthday celebration is Birthday Cake! Celebration without a cake will be a dull moment. It is what makes the Birthday Party meaningful. Whether for a birthday surprise, small gathering celebration, or a big party you will see Cake there! Why is it so important? Let’s find out!

Origin of Round Cakes: For the Moon!

It is started back in Ancient Greece! Like in every origin things mostly started in the Ancient Greece era. Round cakes started back then not for a birthday celebration, but to honored Artemis, the moon Goddess. As you may guess, the round shape of the cake was meant to look like a moon. And they used candles too on top of the round cake! It symbolizes the light of the moon. 

The Beginning of Birthday Cake: Actual for Birthday Celebration

It was during the Middle Ages, at last cake use as a birthday celebration. Started in Germany with their Kinderfest, a birthday celebration for children. This tradition will take German children to an auditorium-like space they were free to celebrate another year in a place where Germans believed that adults protected children from the evil spirits attempting to steal their souls. They believe every year that passed and children stay alive means adults succeed in protecting their children!

The Magic of Birthday Cake

Many believe that said, it is not an ordinary one. You only get them once a year and your first slice of cake is really important! Like there is some special magic on a birthday cake. First one, when you blow the candles, you need to make a wish and blow all of it in one blow. It is believed to make sure it happens and no one can know your wish!

Another magic that Birthday Cake has is the first slice of cake. If you get the first slice, it means you are really precious and special for the birthday person. The magic of Birthday Cake has been in some popular movies, such as 16 Candles and 16 Wishes.

Don’t let quarantine or stay home situations held you back from celebrating your birthday. Surely you can’t hold a big party right now, but you still can get a Birthday Cake and feel the magic of it on your special day!

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