Stay Home, Stay Sane, and Stay Happy!

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This month has been a roller coaster for all of us Indonesian, especially in Jakarta. As Covid cases are rise much more than before, we are going back to the quarantine again. I know it is a hard step back for some of us, but we need to act fast and prepare as soon as we can.

As we go back to Work From Home or School From Home, we need to make sure 3 of Stay. Stay at Home, Stay Sane, and Stay Happy! We want to make sure you remember these 3. Here are some steps that will make it bearable, keep you sane, and of course happy!

Limit your News Intake

Limit it not reading the news at all. Make sure are not taking “over” on the news intake, the same goes for nothing news update. You need to make sure to keep updated but not overwhelming yourself with the news too. Limit yourself to your news intake and make sure you keep updated on the essentials too!

You can subscribe to your trustworthy and scientific article to know the development of the vaccine, unfollow some media that share too much bad news, and search for news updates 1-3 times a week and make sure it is a valid one!

Make a Schedule or Keep a Routine

Since you are going to be work from home or school from home again, make a schedule to make your time more efficient. This one really important to keep your sanity in check. Making a schedule to make your work and leisure time get a fair portion. It is helping you to have a sense of time too! Or you can start making a routine for your day!

You can make some alarm to alert you that it’s time to start leisure or tidy up your home a bit. Or you can have a match schedule and routine with your friends and keep in tabs to make sure not overdoing it. It is okay to not be on time all time, just make sure it doesn’t disadvantage you in the future!

Get That Vitamin D!

It is important to go outside regularly and get Vitamin D from the sun. It is good for your healthiness too. While you are out get the Vitamin D, stay using the mask and keep your distance from other people. It is best if you do it in the morning to give you the good one!

You can have a morning walk to get this Vitamin D. Whether you do it alone or taking your pets it is okay! You can have your grocery shopping too so you get your walk exercise with the sun a bit too. The important thing, keep your distance and straight take a shower when you are home!

Do what you Love: Hobbies

This is truly a lifesaver when you are in quarantine. Doing hobbies will make you happier and it is a good way to destress yourself for a bit. Whatever is your hobby, it must be something that you enjoy to do it. It doesn’t matter what your hobbies are, it can be dancing, reading, knitting, cooking, or even watching! Just make sure you are not overdoing too, make sure to spend a little time on your hobby. Keep it balance with your works too.

Pamper Yourself Once in a While

This one really needed when you are on the verge of a breakdown. Pamper yourself is essential to stay sane and stay happy. Pampering yourself is self-love and a rewarding act to your own self. You can pamper yourself with a nice spa day, scented candles, coloring, watching, or having good sweets. It is okay to reward yourself once in a while to prevent your breakdown. 

We’ve been in this situation couple of times and we did it. So hang in there, stay at home, stay sane, and stay happy too! Just remember you are not alone, call your Loved Ones once in a while to keep in check too! ❤️

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