Fluffy Pancake: Happy Pancakes!

Fluffy Pancake: Happy Pancakes!

Pancake has been everyday food for western and it goes everywhere. Everyone started to get crazy over pancakes, and it becomes every hour food, not just for breakfast! You can eat pancakes all day long and still you want more, right?

Pancake has been popular a long time ago, but in 2014 there is Souffle Pancake or Fluffy Pancake. A modern tren for pancake, great innovation, and a surprising twist on the pancake. It is jiggly, fluffy, and thick make it fun to eat and see. Here are some facts about fluffy pancakes! Do you know all of them?

Fluffy Pancake Origin

Fluffy Pancake’s origin started from Japan! It may enter the world in 2019, but actually, it started popping up in 2014. It hit a true groove in 2016 and spread around the world in 2019. People start to search for the best fluffy pancake and they love to jiggling it!

Do you know that Japan always makes its own signature dessert? Dessert is not something natural for the Japanese, it comes from western influence to theirs. Then Japan makes its own pancake and it is booming. People looking for it everywhere and it’s become the Japanese signature pancake.

Why it is so Fluffy?

It is so fluffy and airy and you may ask why or how is it? The answer is really simple, you just need to put more air on the batter! It’s part of science to make it. The ingredient is the same as the regular one, the difference in their egg. How they treat the egg? 

To make it airy, instead of just beating them wholesale into the mix, pancake chefs whip them into a stiff meringue and then gently fold them in. The batter becomes thicker but lighter too. Then you proceed to a usual step of cooking.

Do you know that Fluffy Pancake have another name?

Fluffy Pancakes have another name that surely really fits them! It is well known with Souffle Pancake since it is soft yet firm like a souffle! But do you know there is another name for it? It is Happy Pancakes and Miracle Pancakes!

I agree with that name since it does bring so much Happiness while you eat it or even just stare at it (even though it will be a waste!). These Fluffy Pancakes really bring so much Happiness to kids, teenagers, adults, old, women, men, and everyone! It is Miracle because how can a fluffy and soft pancake still have a firm shape to hold on to? And that’s the miracle 🙂

Cloud 9 of Happiness

It is soft, airy, fluffy, and jiggly like a cloud! Eating fluffy pancakes or staring at them will make you feel like on cloud 9 of Happiness. It is really great and makes people all over the world looking for it, takes a picture of it (since it is really Instagram-worthy!), and of course, enjoy the taste of it. 

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