Wonderful Facts of Okinawa

The One and Only Okinawa

As you know, we just launched our newest fromage flavor which is Okinawa Fromage! Inspired by the beautiful Okinawa, both the scenery and the people. We used Okinawa Brown Sugar as our flavor to make sure the original taste of it.

Okinawa draws a lot of curiosity of us and wondering why it is so breathtaking and interesting. So we decided to search “why is it?” And turns out because they have some interesting facts! So let us share this cool and interesting fact about it!

Okinawa is The Birthplace for Karate

One of the most well-known styles of martial arts apparently started in Okinawa a long time ago! Karate is a hybrid of traditional Chinese and Ryukyuan hand-to-hand combat techniques. It began to gain popularity as an extracurricular activity among university students. Karate as an unarmed martial arts makes it easier to learn because no weapon needed.

Okinawa Made of Coral

Okinawa is famous for its diving place and of course, they have a lot of corals! Even theirs corals are the biggest in Japan. The waters surrounding the islands are home to an abundance of coral reefs, natural sea caves, and marine life. The beaches of Okinawa and most of the islands are mainly made up of various types of coral, which break up under the sea and are washed up on shore with the tide.

Home for 13 Endangered Animals

These 13 animals, you cannot find it anywhere else except Okinawa. For example, Iriomote Cat, Habu Poisonous Snake, Yonaguni Horses, and many more. It is also an important refuge for sea turtles, which return to the beaches each year to lay their eggs. Most of the island has become a national, quasi-national, or prefectural protected park.

There are 75% of the US Military in Okinawa

As you know, it has been under the USA government and a war place in World War II. The US Government builds military camps and training grounds, displacing hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. Up until now, more than two-thirds of all American military bases in Japan are located in Okinawa, with one-fifth of the total land area of the main island being used by the US military.

Okinawan Salt in the World Records Book

On Miyagi Island east of Naha in Uruma City, the Nuchi Masu (‘Salt of Life’) salt factory is renowned for its natural sea salt, which is low in sodium and high in essential minerals. The salt is harvested by evaporating the water via a fan, and it turns out to give more pure and rich mineral-rich salt.

Do you know all of this fact? Or do you have more than we list above? Share with us and let’s fall in love with Okinawa together! 🙂

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