Candles & Children: Make a Wish & Hope of Our Future

Candles & Children: Make a Wish & Hope of Our Future

It is always associated with the Future of the world, Hope of Our Future when it comes to children. These children will shape our world to be a better place. Our hope to the children and children’s hope to the world will define how the world will be. Children’s first time giving hope will be their blowing birthday candle moment.

“Make a Wish” They Say, and So They Are!

As a little kid, the birthday celebration has been my favorite moment. Even though there is no big celebration, cake and candles have been an important part of my memories. Blowing candles on my birthday cake is the highlight of my birthday. I can make any wish for my future, or silly wish, or for my family too! 

Blowing candles is a first step to learn that there is hope and sometimes it comes true too. Birthday makes a wish time becomes a special prayer for the kids. Every year that is passed, you deserve to make a wish for a better year and better you!

Blowing Candles & Children’s Development

Not just blowing candles, celebrating a children’s birthday party truly have an impact on children’s development as a human. Research says that children who get birthday celebrations and blowing candles tradition will have better self-esteem, stronger family bonds, create positive memories, and helps them to have a perception of time

Blowing candles can be a good way to calm your mind too. If your children have bad emotional episodes, or anxiety, or feeling all negative thoughts, you can use this “blow out the candles” trick! The thought with “blow out the candles” is they put all of their fingers up and pretend they are candles. Then, they blow them out one at a time. It gives them a distraction and breathing (naturally calms people down).

Not Just a Make a Wish, It’s a Hope for Humanity

Candles give you more than just Make a Wish tradition, but it gives us a lesson about Hope for the future, the children. As a light, it can be bright or not depends on how we treat it! Same with children, they are our hope for the future, our greatest Make a Wish. Sadly not every child will have this kind of memory, for example, children from Rumah Faye.

DORÉ wants to help Rumah Faye’s children to have beautiful memories of their birthday. This is why we decided to have special edition candles and all of the sales will go to Rumah Faye to help all of their children. Make a Wish, Hope for a Better Future, and Nurture our precious children ❤️

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