Happy National Children’s Day!

Happy National Childrens Day!

On the 23rd of July is Indonesia’s Children’s Day. Children as our light of the future deserve to have their day to remind us! This is a day for Indonesians to remember the importance and indispensability of children for the country’s future and the future of the world.

Furthermore, it is a good time to reflect on children’s education system and children’s rights in Indonesia. Or we can just simply be grateful to children around Indonesia and celebrate as they exist today. They are our Hope for the Future and our Light of Hope for Indonesia.

Children’s Rights as a Human

Not just as our Future, we need to remember they are human and have their human rights too. Maybe some of them still have no clue what it is about, but this is something really important for them to know it.

We need to remember that they have the right to play and freedom of speech as a child too. Let them explore the world how they want it. It is their right to life as what they want to be. We need to remember that child life is not yours, it’s theirs ❤️

Stop Child Exploitation in Indonesia

It is a good way to realize this problem in this year’s Children’s Day. It is heartbreaking yet it does happen around us, especially kids with financial trouble. Besides exploitation, there is harassment of children too. This is why Rumah Faye was build to help and save children from exploitation and harassment. Sad truth but it is true sexual violence against children is still being reported.

Rumah Faye is a shelter for children who are victims of human trafficking, violence, and exploitation. This is a safe house for children around Indonesia, not just to prevent it, they try to educate other people to realize these problems are real. They really inspire DORÉ to work together and help these children.

Children: The Light of Our Future

On this Children’s Day, DORÉ wants to help Rumah Faye’s children more. We believe that celebrating birthdays, blowing candles, and making wishes is exceptionally meaningful for the children. Birthday wishes represent hope for a better future, especially for children in Rumah Faye. That’s why we will be delivering Birthday Cakes for every child in Rumah Faye so they can blow the Candles and Make a Wish for their Future.

You can be part of this journey and help children in Rumah Faye grow up with beautiful birthday memories. All you need to do is purchase birthday candles, starting from IDR 12,000, at DORÉ stores. All proceeds from the candles sales will be donated to Rumah Faye. You can check the candles here or if you want to donate straightly to Rumah Faye, you can click here

Light up these candles for your celebration and Hope for Humanity too ❤️

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