Happy Mother’s Day: We Love You, Mom

Happy International Mother's Day

“We love you, mom, forever and always 💞”

Happy Mother’s Day to all the strong and lovely mom’s around the world! Thank you for everything, mom 🥺.

On May 8, 2022. Let’s honor and appreciate the kind and caring mothers worldwide. They have always been our role model, a multitalented person, and the one who will always spare their time to listen and gives great advice. 

A Lovely Surprise

After all the things our mom has sacrificed for us. The least we could do in return is to help her with chores, make some meals, create a lovely Mother’s Day card, convince her to travel and take a vacation, or give her a bouquet of flowers that represent our love for the person who has a sincere and warm heart.

Try giving her something special during this Mother’s Day to make her happier. Because no matter how old their little ones grow, the love for their mom is everlasting ❤️.

Cherish The Memorable Moments

Many of us tend to make new memories with our mother every year. At the same time, some look back on the past memories they share with her, while some can only listen to the stories and look at their mother’s picture.

Mom is the one who’ll look up to us and loves us unconditionally, even though not everyone is as lucky as us who can still feel mother’s love. No matter how lonely you feel without her presents, you will always have that mother figure in life. Whether it’s your grandmother, aunt, or even your teachers.

Let’s share the love through something sweet, healthy, and fresh on this Mother’s Day. For this wonderful day, we present to you our new DORÉ lite series, “Peach Blossom Cake.” It’s a fresh cake with a tangy white and yellow peach, combined with light chantilly cream and pillowy soft sponge cake. There’s no need to worry about gaining weight, and your mom will absolutely love this cake for Mother’s Day gift.

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