Indonesia’s Independence Day: Celebration From Home

Indonesia’s Independence Day: Celebration From Home

On August 17th, Indonesian celebrate their Independence Day! Known as Tujuh Belas Agustus Hari Kemerdekaan 😀 A celebration for us that we are a free country, out of colonialist power. It’s a momentum moment for Indonesian. Celebrating independence day is a custom thing to do on August 17th.

Sadly, we are in quarantine now and we can’t celebrate it with something usually we do. We usually go to gather together, having various competitions, such as panjat pinang, balap karung, makan kerupuk, and many more! Since we are in a Covid situation, let’s celebrate it From Home!

Independence Day Celebration From Home

Even though we cannot gather around with many people in one place, luckily we are living in 2021! The technology is here and we can use it to be together! Celebration virtually is a thing now and it keeps us safe too. Since 2020, we are celebrating things virtually and from home.

To make it more interesting, we can suggest you have an online meet-up with your friends and have an online competition too! You can do some virtual makan kerupuk, tarik tambang virtual through Instagram polling, and eat Indonesian food together!

Celebrate with Something Sweets!

To make your celebration sweeter, we’re having an authentic Indonesia snacks flavor in our minds. You can celebrate by eating Indonesian traditional snacks, such as martabak, kue putu, kue surabi, kue ape, and many more!

enjoying the holiday with something you love and gather around with your family and your friends virtually! Share some news, play together, and have a feast together! You can send your friend your own care packages, such as food delivery or gifts!


On this Independence Day, we want to share and remind all of us about #ProudOfIndonesia! Despite the bad news, there are many positive things that we can be proud of with our beloved country! For example, there are so many talented Indonesian that make us proud! We can see recently our badminton players, Greysia Polii and Apriyani Rahayu, won a gold medal in Tokyo Olympic 2021! 

And one of the best Indonesia’s Coffee brands, Tanamera Coffee, has a collaboration with us to make the best Indonesia product! Which is Toraja Kopi Roll Cake. A special cake with Indonesia’s authentic coffee, Kopi Toraja, as the main flavor!

We want to be your reason to remember to be #ProudOfIndonesia through our products that will make all of you proud of Indonesia! As we know, there are many great things in Indonesia.

So, Happy Independence Day Indonesia! 😍

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