Toraja Kopi Roll Cake: Authentic Indonesian Taste

Toraja Kopi Roll Cake

In the spirit of August, you may already notice or know that we have our newest Indonesia sweets just for you! As you know, back then we’re writing something passionately about coffee 😉 So can you guess it right?

Yes! We are going to talk more about our newest baby, Toraja Kopi Roll Cake! It’s our first collaboration too with Tanamera Coffee Indonesia. Let’s look more into our collaboration and know more about Toraja Kopi Roll Cake!

Proud to Present Indonesia’s Best Ingredients

The month of Indonesia and we want to present the best of Indonesia through our creation with Tanamera Coffee Indonesia. With our Kodawari principle, we always strive for the best and perfect for every step on our creation until our services. With our collaboration, we know Tanamera will give us their best coffee bean for our newest sweets, for Indonesia.

As we know, Tanamera Coffee Indonesia provides the best coffee for Indonesian. They are one of the best coffee in Indonesia and we are so excited to work together with them! In our first-time collaboration, we decided to use Kopi Toraja as our main flavor.

Kopi Toraja, Sapan Village

Coffee has been a part of Toraja’s history since the 16th century, by way of the Suppa Harbour. Apart from producing distinctive coffee, growing coffee is a tradition for the farming community in the small village of Sapan, which is located in the North Toraja region (South Sulawesi).

This particular variant of Toraja coffee has a delicate body with the signature fruity notes of lime juice, ginger, and blackcurrant. Unique taste and shown us Indonesian taste. Kopi Toraja is a perfect coffee to show Indonesia’s taste! 


Since we’re using Kopi Toraja as our main flavor, we want to be your reminder on being Proud of Indonesia. As we are using the best coffee bean from Indonesia, it will give you an authentic taste of Indonesia. We want to make these sweets and make you remember Indonesia, their best things, and be proud of it!

Taste Indonesia’s authentic coffee in silky creamy roll cake! 😍

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