Indonesia’s Independence Day in New Normal

This truly is quite the independence day to remember, as we are celebrating under the pandemic, and we have to celebrate Indonesia’s Indepencence Day in new normal regulations.

Every year, we usually wake up early, and attend the yearly iconic flag ceremony. Typically, we attend the ceremony at a residence, school, workplace, or even at the National Palace where the biggest ceremony is held. 

At the end of the day, you may find yourself participating or cheering for the local independence day competitions. 

As you expected, it will not be the same this year. We need to protect our loved ones from the virus. Here are some ways you can try to celebrate this year’s Indonesia’s Independence Day, the new normal way!


Flag Hoisting At Home

At this rate, joining the crowded ceremony will harm yourself and everyone. It may be best to do it at home with your loved ones! For instance, you can watch the televised ceremony. Stand up, take a moment, and show your regards to the ceremony from home. 


E-Competitions Are Always A Way To Go!

To celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day, there are many competitions being held online this year! Starting from e-sports, writing competitions, or even giveaways! This way, you can still have the yearly adrenaline of nationalism from the e-competitions.


Support Local Businesses

This year, many businesses are struggling due to pandemic regulations. It would be a great form of honor to our fellow citizens by supporting their businesses. You can support them through shopping their unique crafts, food and beverages, and many more. However, please avoid shopping offline or at crowded places!


Festive Fireworks!

Last but not least, we can still have some fun and independence day passion with fireworks! Although, make sure you know how to launch the fireworks the safe way though.



Most importantly, don’t forget to sing Hari Merdeka on top of your lungs!
Stay safe and stay healthy.


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