Mesmerizing Dessert, More Than Just Food

Strawberry Shortcake

Have you ever seen a really mesmerizing, jaw-dropping, and stunning dessert? The one that will make you stop, take a deep breath (or hold your breath), makes you don’t want to break it but you are just really curious how it tastes. This kind of dessert just makes you want to take a ton of pictures of it!

Let’s Start With The Simple Mesmerizing Dessert

Before I go to a ridiculously expensive mesmerizing dessert, let’s start with the simple one. To make a dessert look mesmerizing and stunning you can see it with Mirror Glaze Dessert! Lately, Mirror Glaze is really popular and it does make dessert looks more mesmerizing and expensive (in some way). Mirror Glaze makes desserts look more elegant and stunning if the glazed is perfect! You can look at the example of mirror glaze dessert here and DORÉ by LeTAO Double Chocolat 🙂

Beautifully Themed Dessert

I’m a fan of Masterchef Australia back in high school time. There is one contestant that is really memorable because of his skill on dessert just jaw-dropping! It’s Reynold Poernomo. He can make me really drooling and actually make me want to taste his creations! This year he joined again for Masterchef Australia Season 12, and he made this beautiful dessert that is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. It is really breathtaking and he called it Down The Rabbit Hole. The presentation, story, surprise elements, and the taste just mesmerizing and stunning! Another dessert-themed by him, The Snitch that is inspired by Harry Potter! It makes you stop and just wonder how.

Thought-Provoking Dessert

I am always amazed by thought-provoking dessert. Either makes me think about how they do it or how much they took time to think and make the dessert. Mesmerizing dessert not just about the looks and taste, but it makes you feel and see more than just food, it’s an art! Like Heston Blumenthal’s Verjus in Egg. At first, you will see an egg, then wonder is it the real egg? Apparently not! More beautiful and eye-pleasing dessert yet thought-provoking? Try The Passion Flower by Darren Purchese that is absolutely stunning and colorful!

It’s an Art

Mesmerizing dessert takes the creator’s time and effort. It’s not just ordinary food rather it’s an art. Dessert as an art is the one who makes you stop, fascinated by it, and even makes you don’t want to eat it because it’s really beautiful and you just want to keep it.

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