Thai Tea: The Authentic Tea from Thailand

Thai Tea: The Authentic Tea from Thailand

Who doesn’t love Thai Tea?

This beverage is one of the primadonna tea in Indonesia. It’s been a hit phenomenon in Indonesia.
Thai Tea or Cha Yen is a Thai drink made from Ceylon Tea, sugar, and milk. It served cold or hot. We often drink it with a bundle of ice. It uses condensed milk and sugar to balance the spices of it.
In Thailand Street Food this drink is lit, especially in Sammakorn Market, Bangkok. 

Sammakorn Market has a luminous atmosphere for culinary. It has many food stalls and shops for daily necessities. You can indulge your sense here with a curated selection of cuisine. The atmosphere during the day is calm and quiet. During the night you can sense the different atmosphere. Lots of tourists gather for culinary. They looking for a new adventure night culinary in Bangkok, like hunting a treasure on a wonderful southern island. When you tired from your exploration, you can enjoy Thai Tea to boost your stamina.

What makes it authentic?

First, they brew Ceylon Tea with their special teapot with a tea filter. After that, they mixed the tea with milk or sugar to make a perfect taste and creamy appearance. They pour it over ice and topped it with condensed milk. It served with a tall glass or tall plastic cups with a plastic bag and plastic straws. The main key is on the tea base. You can feel the difference in fragrance and their strong unique aromatic tea spices. You can enjoy the balance in every sip. How to enjoy it as a dessert?

Authentic aromatic tea, condensed milk, and sugar were 3 important elements. The perfect balance combination presented in our specialty cake, Thai Tea Fromage. Enjoy your adventure of Thailand in our signature cake!

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