Halloween in Japan: The Celebration in Shibuya

Halloween in Japan: The Celebration in Shibuya

Trick or Treat!
Since Halloween is near, I want to share my experience with Halloween in Japan.
What’s makes it different?

Halloween celebration in Japan is unique. The biggest Halloween event was held in Shibuya, Tokyo. Shibuya is like the Times Square of Tokyo. Shibuya has many tourist attractions like shopping centers, restaurants, Starbucks, cafes, etc. The main reason why they celebrating it in Shibuya because Shibuya has nice vibes, an urban feel of city life, also a tourist spot. Many overseas tourists celebrating Halloween in Japan. They celebrated it with costumes likes Anime, Cartoon, Yukata, Spooky Costume, etc. They were having fun, taking some selfies, and vlogging. It was absolutely insane and fun! Almost everyone willing to celebrate this annual event. They enjoy Halloween to the fullest.

Halloween in Shibuya is always crowded. Last year, hundreds of police officers and security guards in Shibuya. They keep shouting instructions through megaphones because it was very hectic. So many people, probably you will never experience this kind of event in Jakarta. 

The Government banned people from drinking on the street and it only applied in Shibuya. The only place that allowed to sell alcohol is Izakaya. Other than Shibuya, it was very (almost) very empty. The Government allocates road closures and access nearest Shibuya. However, the train (JR Line) is still operating.

However, lots of my co-worker in Maebashi doesn’t like to celebrate Halloween that much. Why? Because most Japanese people didn’t like to be in the center of the crowd. The majority of Japanese people who attend this event are teenagers and foreigners. But don’t worry, almost 80% of public places are decorated in the Halloween theme. Even you can find some cute merchandise for Halloween in the nearest stores in Japan.

How do you enjoy your version of Halloween?

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