Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed Holiday Seasons

Foret Blanc

Holiday Seasons is coming near day by day! Can you feel the excitement of this Holiday Season? A season full of happiness and love at the same time too. It’s been a perfect time to end the year with something beautiful, which is a Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed feeling.

Here’s an explanation of why we need to fill our Holiday Seasons with something beautiful!

A Simple Thank You!

“Thank You!” is a common word that we say every day. A simple word that we use every day, every time, and to everyone too. Sometimes, sadly when we are used to saying this, it becomes a responsive reaction.

We want to invite you to realize that it’s not just a reaction, instead, it’s the simplest way to show your feeling. Whether it’s appreciation, love, or grateful this is the simplest way to show it. To make it meaningful, say it with a smile and look at the person while you speak it. And usually, it makes someone’s day brighter if you do it honestly!

Feeling of Grateful

Thankful and Grateful have a similar meaning. But if we see it deeper, they have a slight difference. Gratitude appears to be more of a feeling you have in your heart. When you are grateful for something, it typically has significance in your life.

Each person must have different things to be grateful for. And that’s alright! For example, you are grateful for foods on the table, grateful for your parents, grateful for this life, etc. It can be small things, big things, and even between them. 

“The more Grateful I am, the more Beauty I see.”

Blessed with What You Have

Life can be hard sometimes, but remember there are hidden blessings inside it. Personal experience, I do feel that couple of times! It’s amazing how one day it was a bad time, but then it become a blessing. 

To feel blessed needs to start within you. It’s a strength for you to appreciate life more and more. Once you have this strength, you will start to be grateful and can be thankful more sincerely ❤️

Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed

With these three and realizing these three, we believe will make your life more beautiful! We put these messages throughout our Christmas Hampers this year! To bring joy into your Holiday Season which is Christmas!

Be Thankful for any little big moments that you have experienced.

Sometimes it’s difficult for some to count the little Blessings in life as we take them for granted,

But let’s be grateful for what we have and appreciate the little things.

Let the spirit of this holiday be the time to express our feelings of being Thankful, Grateful & Blessed.

“See the good, and be the good”

🎄Merry Christmas!🎄

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