Why is Matcha Good For You?

Recently, Matcha has gained widespread popularity worldwide. But, what exactly is Matcha? It is a finely powdered Japanese green tea derived from the Camellia sinensis plant, renowned for its unique flavour profile and traditionally enjoyed in Japanese tea ceremonies. Beyond its reputation as a tasty beverage, Matcha is famously known for its numerous health advantages. Today, let’s explore these benefits!

  1. Prevent Cell Damage
    Matcha has high antioxidant compounds, including catechins. This compound aids in the prevention of cellular damage and helps lose weight. Adding Matcha to your diet can be as simple as enjoying sugar-free Matcha beverages in the morning or putting Matcha powder into your oatmeal, baked goods, and even smoothies.
  2. Enhance Cognitive Function
    Studies indicate that caffeine can boost your brain function. Matcha contains a higher level of caffeine compared to green tea, making it effective in boosting your cognitive performance. If you are concerned about caffeine’s potential side effects, rest assured, because Matcha has a compound that alters these effects!
  3. Reduce Stress and Anxiety
    With its L-theanine content, Matcha helps the release of dopamine and boosts serotonin concentration. This results in reduced stress levels and heightened a sense of happiness, relaxation, and focus. Don’t forget that you should prioritize your happiness, DORÉ Fans!

That covers a few of the advantages of enjoying Matcha. Remember, it is healthier to enjoy Matcha with minimal or no added sugar. How do prefer to indulge in your Matcha, DORÉ Fans? Let us know in the comments section below!

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