Boba: The Youngest Dessert

Boba: The Youngest Dessert

Boba has been a bomb in the desserts world!, and I will call these phenomena BOBA BOMB! It literally bombs everywhere, from east to west and even south to north. Everyone gets crazy about it and wants to try it even easily become their favorite thing, either Boba Milk Tea or Boba Cake! These Boba Bomb phenomena just so great!

Milk Tea Boba, The First One

The first phenomenon of the Boba Bomb is in drinks. Usually, milk tea boba is the first thing people try and found how delicious they are. A combination of chewy and soft yet not crumbling easily a unique experience and how versatile boba can make it easily become everyone’s favorite. It was because of the Taiwanese bubble tea phenomena too that make this boba so bomb!

Then boba got evolved, at first, we just can find it in drinks, such as milk tea. But now, we can found boba even on a cake! At first, boba is not a dessert, it’s merely a topping. But this Boba Bomb phenomenon just so strong, as a result, boba can be considered as part of the dessert family! It is the youngest one in the dessert family 🙂 so, Welcome Boba to the dessert family!

Boba Cake, Evolve Phenomenon

Lately, boba cakes have been the next Boba Bomb. Everyone wants to taste it. It’s more than about boba, even the cakes that are usually jiggly and fluffy what makes people want to have a taste of it. Boba cakes indeed a really good dessert, it even becomes my other favorite dessert recently! The perfect combination of jiggly fluffy cakes with cream and boba on top of it just really good! Boba really can make theirselves name out of it just like chocolate and that’s why boba is the youngest dessert in the dessert family!

Boba Bomb definitely spread all over the world and age too! Usually, you can find Boba with sugar or honey flavor. It is sweet and chewy! Have you tried these types of Boba we mention up there?

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