Do You Know Okinawa Brown Sugar?

Do You Know Okinawa Brown Sugar?

Okinawa Brown Sugar has been really popular these couple of years. But did you know why is it really popular? What makes it so special? And is there any difference between it and Regular Brown Sugar?

Kokuto, Okinawa Brown Sugar in Japanese

Can you guess the origin of this Brown Sugar? Yes of course it is from Okinawa! It is from sugarcane that is grown in Okinawa. Okinawa is famous for their beautiful place, beach, and their longevity. It is well-known that Okinawa’s climate is perfect for sugar cane. With strong southern-island sunlight and minerals delivered by the ocean spray, make Okinawa perfect for growing healthy sugar cane!

Production begins with a healthy sugarcane crop then continues to a slow cooking technique to process the sugar cane juice (this method is referred to as kokuto). This method makes them healthier than the usual brown sugar. Okinawa becomes a premier location for this sugar production in Japan not just because of the technique but because of the specific environmental condition.

What Make It So Special?

Besides the place where it grows, Okinawa Brown Sugar is high in calcium, potassium, and iron. It prevents tooth decay, improves resistance to stress, and it even lowers cholesterol. It shows many good benefits and used as part of a remedy for anemia. In China, drink melted brown sugar is used to recover after giving birth. 

Okinawa people are popular with their longevity! Okinawan people really know how to make food for their longevity and always being happy! The fields of sugarcane are the original scenery of the island, even it is sung in popular songs. it is Okinawa specialties to make this Brown Sugar and make it healthy.

A Healthy Alternative for Sweetness

It is a good alternative if you want healthier food. You can change your regular sugar into Okinawa Brown Sugar, especially your desserts. It suits you well for your sweets and desserts! If you want to taste a tasty Okinawa Brown Sugar in cake, make sure to stay tuned to our product! Sure thing it will transport you to the real Okinawa and you will fall in love with it 🙂

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