Honey Citroen Cake: A Perfect Summer Treats

Honey Citroen Birthday Cake

August is the peak of Indonesia’s summer! It can be really hot here, it’s perfect for ice cream season and eating cakes, especially cold one. DORÉ is really happy to help you to enjoy this summer better with our newest cake, Honey Citroen Cake! 💛

Beautiful Bright Color of Summer!

Honey Citroen cake as you can see, is really bright! Reminds you of summer fun, full of exciting things, and refreshing. Since we are still in quarantine, we want to bring the joy of Summer to you without going out. While having fun inside, Honey Citroen definitely will give you coolness through the taste yet warm inside full of joy and happiness!

Do you know that the yellow color represents sunshine, hope, and happiness? A beautiful meaning from Honey Citroen Cake color to you. We do hope that it can bring happiness and sunshine throughout your day! A beautiful meaning cake will make you swoon and speechless with every bite.

It is Our Newest Lite Series Cakes!

What’s make us really excited about these new cakes? It’s not just beautiful and tasty, but it is part of our Less Sugar Cakes series! As you know, we have this special Lite Series for someone who wants to enjoy a delicious cake with less sugar. We know your love for dessert but still want to keep your sugar intake.

Last March, we have two flavors for DORÉ Lite Series: Ichigo Rare Cheesecake and Matcha Chocolat. To celebrate this summer, the highest peak one, we make a new flavor for you which is Honey Citroen Cake for your self-love treats!

Honey Citroen Cakes

Honey Citroen Cake

Honey Citroen Cake is our newest cake in DORÉ Lite Series! Perfect treats for this summer, refreshing yet make you feel warm inside with Happiness & Love, like in Summer! It is consists of thinly sliced sponge cake, layered with fresh cream, covered with silky yet tangy Honey Lemon Mousse, and top it off with Candied Orange Peel & Lemon Honey Jelly.

We want to help you celebrate this summer with something fresh and less sugar! To support your self-love and self-care acts, we have this! In this back to quarantine time, we want to help you to remember taking care of yourself, and have some treats once in a while!

So, Let’s enjoy these summer treats together From You to You 😍

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