Magical Purple Cake: Ube Cheese Pound Cake

Magical Purple Cake: Ube Cheese Pound Cake


What’s in your mind think when you hear this word?

Purple has been a unique color for most of us. A combination of the red and blue color, which both of the colors really bold. Purple is a mysterious color combining the opposites of red & blue to suggest both nobility & spirituality.

Now in DORÉ, we want to bring this unique color into our special cakes. It is a perfect time to make it in this magical month, Ramadhan!

DORÉ Purple Cake

To bring out this beautiful yet unique color, we make a brand new cake with purple color in this Ramadhan. It’s called Ube Cheese Pound Cake. It is a nutty, buttery, and soft cake that is a beautiful purple cake to accompany your tea or coffee time. Ube Cheese Pound Cake consists of soft buttery pound cake with a twist of Ube, grated cheddar cheese, Ube crumbles, and brown sugar crumble.

Color of Purple was from Ube. It is a Purple Sweet Potato and often used by Filipino for dessert! The sweetness from Ube is quite different from regular sweet potatoes. Not just aesthetically beautiful, the taste itself is really good! The researcher said that Ube is healthier than regular sweet potatoes. 

Meaning Behind Ube Cheese Pound Cake

We are really happy to share our creation with all of you. It’s not just the cake, but the message behind this cake too. As you know, we want to spread more Love to the world by Giving to those needed. In this special Ramdhan, we want to Give more to our beloved customer chance to send Love. That’s why we put a special message to our Lebaran cakes and Hampers!

We put some hope and beautiful message on Ube Cheese Pound Cake. We hope this cake can bring you a magical and hopeful time like the color purple! With this cake, we hope can bring a magical celebration to your Eid/Lebaran. Also, give a hopeful time and moment to you, your loved ones, and to the world too! 

Share Your ‘Magical’ Moment with the World

We hope this cake and the message behind it will inspire you to stay positive and share your blessing with someone in need too! With our Heart of Giving campaign, you can help children who are in need by participating in our DORÉ x Rumah Faye charity. And this Ube Cheese Pound Cake may bring some hopeful moment time to you and to the world too ❤️

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