The Most Unique and Weirdest Dessert Ever!

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Channel your adventurous self in the most unique and weirdest dessert! Disclaimer: I’m Chinese Indonesian, so stuff like Cendol and Red Bean Desserts is normal for me. Here’s my list of The Most Unique and Weirdest Dessert Ever!

Tavuk Göğsü

Tavuk Göğsü is Turkey’s dessert that is really unique. Guess what’s the ingredient? It’s chicken, rice flour, cinnamon, and sweetened milk! Chicken and dessert are just weird to combine. We are used to seeing chicken as a main dish or appetizer but dessert is just weird. The taste of it was like pudding and chicken. You will not find a big chunk of chicken meat, they shredded chicken meat into thin fibers and pounded it into powder and added it into the mixture. If you ever visit Turkey, try it! Maybe you will like it.

Chocolate Covered Crickets

Can you guess which country has this kind of dessert? Yes, it’s Thailand! Thailand is well-known for its unique street food and cuisine, apparently so does the dessert! It’s a common thing to eat insects in Asia, but I’ve never tried it before. It may be not weird for some people, but most of the Westerns find it weird and unique. People who have tried to say that the crunchy and sweet combination is something that you may want to try. Well someday if I feel adventurous I will try it!

Aletria Doce

It’s a rice pudding relative but instead of using rice, they use noodles! I’m a big fan of noodles, but never in my mind think of it as a dessert. Aletria Doce is from Portugal and it’s part of their Christmas tradition food. Usually, they decorate it with powdered cinnamon and berries, it can be served either warm or chilled. They use specific noodles which are vermicelli so the texture will be silky.

Veriohukainen/ Blodplättar

It’s a pancake with pig’s blood! (yes, you read it right) Sweden, Finland, and Norway served this dish in their country. It’s by far the weirdest for me since I cannot eat animal’s blood. Veriohukainen is made from a mixture of milk, flour, eggs, sugar, and pig’s blood served with a sweet jam. The color of the dish is black red or dark brown. If you are really adventurous, try it!

I can conclude that what is weird and unique desserts for me are some combinations of ingredients that I’ve never tried before. It doesn’t mean the taste of it will be bad, maybe you will like it! Keep your option open and be adventurous. Being adventurous once in a while is a good thing 🙂

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