The Art of Japanese Food: Washoku

The Art of Japanese Food: Washoku

The culture of Japan is always different yet in a good way, the same thing for their Food! It is amazing how they put so much thought into what they eat, how they process it, and the philosophy behind it. Japanese Food in my eyes is an art! 

Today let’s discuss their savory food. I always fascinated by the components, process, nutrition value, and how tasteful they are. Japan truly makes art through food! It is known as Washoku, the traditional cuisine of Japan.

What is Washoku?

It is the traditional cuisine of Japan but not as simply a Japanese style of food but also as a renowned food culture embodying the spirit of the Japanese people. Japanese always put a deep meaning or purpose on their food. This means we must delve into washoku from the aspects of the cooking as well as the traditions and culture.

It is not just mere food, it’s more about culture and traditions. This is why Japanese food is another form of art, we understand and respect them through food and. Through Washoku, you will understand why Japanese so healthy and discipline. It is a tradition passed down over time by people rather than a certain type of cooking.

Elements of Washoku

There are 4 elements inside Washoku which are ingredients, table etiquette, preparation, and Japanese traditions. Ingredients element to highlight the warm humid climate in Japan and it is perfect for a diverse range of fresh foods. They always use local products to produce traditional cuisines, such as rice, daikon, spring onion, Japanese peppers, wasabi, green tea, and many more. 

Table etiquette shows nutritionally balanced diets presented with the essence of each season and the use of chopsticks. Preparation for the food is to bring out the best taste of ingredients. So no overly processed food and over-seasoning too! The last element is Japanese traditions that always say ‘itadakimasu’ as an expression of gratitude and wish for health and longevity.

Full of Flavors 

The process of how they take care and cook their meal really unique and brings out the best of the ingredients. For example, they use drying food with the sun and it does not ruin the true richness. They use smoking food, curing, fermentation to keep their ingredients fresh and bring a unique flavor.

You can get so many flavors because they always enhance their natural flavor rather than cover it with another flavor. Then, how they mix and match the side dishes really makes a great complete dish with great nutritions too! It is the art of Japanese with food, like magic!

Washoku doesn’t need to be the same all the time, it is even different for each region! It depends on the season, local products, people, and culture. This is the art of food from Japan and still mesmerizing me to this day!

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